Meet the Regulars

Meet the regulars at The Kings Arms Knitters

Richmal has been a regular at The Kings Arms Knitter since joining in 2008. She has been knitting since she was 7 years old but really got into it when she went to university. Richmal worked in the hand knitting industry for Rowan knitting yarns for 2 years so knows her stuff! Any yarn queries or technical issues she is your girl. Also full of woolly facts you never knew.

She is always happy to teach beginners and loves passing on the knowledge she has acquired over her knitting career.

Richmal enjoys knitting garments and larger projects but has been known to knit a toy or two


Marie learnt to knit as a child and then forgot all about it. When her godaughter was born she decided she could knit a tiny jumper with a row of baby ducks along it. That wasn’t the easiest project for a new knitter but she has been knitting ever since.  She has been a regular at knit club since January 2008.  Marie likes small projects, she loves casting on for a new project but doesn’t want it to take too long.  She loves cables and knitting in the round so there are hardly any seams to sew up.

What she likes making most is new knitters, to teach someone and see them get addicted.

She has been known to knit a Dalek, but never again because the bobbles were really fiddly.

Roger learnt to crochet and tat, when no’but a nipper, from his Granny Newton.  Since then he’s tried most techniques, but some are like food – tried that, not for me (tatting included).

Loves filet, waffle stitch, hyperbolic crochet, shawls, anything 3d, especially plants and food, and yarn-bombing (knitted and crocheted graffiti – think Banksy with hook or needles and much easier for disapproving authorities to remove.)

Unlike Marie, Roger often embarks on very large projects – three seater sofa cover, filet landscape which cost £200.00 to frame, and just finishing a 1915 shawl using 1.5 kg of very fine wool which has taken over his life for over 2 months!

Willing and able to pass on his skills and knowledge to the next generation of crocheters or those of the same generation wishing to put their now idle hands to creative use during their retirement.

Julie can’t knit but loves to crochet (and that is welcome at knit club!). She was taught to crochet in 2007 by her mother-in-law and joined knit club to keep practicing her skills. Julie is a sucker for cheap wool and likes making small quick items. As a new mum most of her crochet is baby themed with many hats being whipped up in an evening. Julie loves that crochet is quick, portable and simple.


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