One we made earlier: Knitmas Tree

In 2010, the Kings Arms asked us if we would knit them a Christmas Tree. We thought this was a perfectly reasonable request. It was October, so many of us hadn’t even started to panic about the amount of hats, scarves and gloves we planned to make before Christmas day. Plenty of time to get excited about the tiny crochet sweaters Jan made.

Tiny Crochet jumper

photo by ArtYarn

Roger made some mistletoe. He is very good at crocheted plants.

Crochet mistletoe

photo by thatroger!

Lots of us made snowflakes, which got dipped in a weak glue solution and pinned out to dry (which isn’t such a romantic thing to do to snow)


photo by Marie

The pub gave us a spiral which didnt look very much like a Christmas tree but we spent a Monday evening wrapping it in fuzzy, slightly sparkly wool. Then the next week our art was added… and there we have it. Christmas.

Happy Christmas tree

photo by ArtYarn


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